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Although it is a fact that no one asks for rape, and you can't blame victims, we gotta stop a lil' bit with this outrage that seems to be spreading through the internet.

You see, when you get mugged it's also not your fault. But if you were strolling around dark alleys in the middle of the night I'd say you asked for it. When someone raids your place, it's not your fault - but if you leave your front door open, society would generally agree - you did a stupid thing, and you asked for it.

Of course, you can get mugged/robbed/whatever when you did everything right and you were just a random victim.

So I'd say that to say 'she deserved that 'cause of the way she dress' is utterly wrong. But, as with other crimes, you can give advice how to avoid being victim of certain crime. So I think the message should be 'try to dress properly to reduce the odds of being a victim of sexual assault'.
'Cause, you know, you probably never ask to be victim of a crime, any crime. Unfortunately, you just sometimes, knowingly or not, help the odds of becoming one.


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