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June 20 2017

"Co niby można a w praktyce nie można zjeść?"
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June 09 2017

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June 07 2017

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May 08 2017

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April 25 2017

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April 22 2017

The fuck is this bullshit? There is no single truth in this stupid motherfucking conversation.

First of all, there is no such thing as "three child rule".

Hysterectomy is much, much more complicated and dangerous procedure than vasectomy. It has life-long complications that will either fuck you up your hormones, or shorten your lifespan, or most probably both. This is why it's not as frequent as vasectomy.

Finally, hysterectomy is not a valid treatment for PCOS. It will most probably fuck you up even more. Educate yourselves you stupid motherfuckers.

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April 05 2017

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April 01 2017

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March 29 2017

Millennials both understand how stupid the system is, and yet still fall victim to said systems. Impressive.

March 27 2017

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How you gonna do it?
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March 23 2017


March 22 2017

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March 16 2017

>łatwo jest upraszczać drugą istotę do poziomu niższej, gorszej i myślącej w "zły sposób", tym samym podnosząc sobie swoją opinię o własnej osobie, co?

Ale ty zdajesz sobie sprawę, że robisz absolutnie to samo, nie? Pomijając fakt, że z głębin własnej odbytnicy chyba tylko wyciągasz pewne założenia o osobie pana kamienia. Może to projekcja?

March 10 2017

What? He's a well-known actor, and pretty good one at that.
Apparently Michael Fassbender does.

March 09 2017


"In the United States (and most other countries), women earn significantly less money than men for similar work"

Oh for fucks sake.

If WHO throws such wildly innacurate claims willy-nilly, I wonder what other bullshit you can find on their website.

March 06 2017

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March 04 2017

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June 11 2015

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